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Children's Fishing Clinic

For over 20 years, The Children's Fishing Clinic, (sponsored by the Rotary Club of Newport News & the Coastal Conservation Association in partnership with Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism), has invited 250 children in the community to attend a fun filled day of education and fishing at the James River Pier.

The children start their day collecting their event t-shirt and hat, and then visit several hands-on booths to learn about sea life and water safety instruction. Depending on the event special visitors they may have the opportunity to meet local divers and learn about their jobs and gear or meet local working police animals. After safety and hands-on fishing instruction is given, they are given their very own rod and reel, which they get to keep. Soon after they head to the pier where they will collect their bait & enjoy and afternoon of supervised fishing, often with the thrill of catching their very first fish! The day wraps up with a cook-out where they can swap fishing stories and show pictures of their catch of the day.

This event has been made possible by the continued donations of numerous local sponsors, countless volunteers, and a common desire to give back to the community. This event provides the children with a unique experience where they learn a fun and useful skill while also building their esteem.

Please join us in continuing this event by either contributing your time as a volunteering or as a sponsor!


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